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Dogan Özgüden - Inci Tugsavul 

Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul work and carry on fight together for more than 50 years.

Son of a railwayman family and born in Kalecik (Ankara) in 1936, Özgüden passed all his childhood years in Anatolian villages. He made his high school education in Ankara and got a licence diploma from the Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences (YETO) in Izmir.

He began journalism career in 1952 in Izmir. After having worked at the newspapers Ege Günesi, Sabah Postasi, Milliyet and Öncü in Izmir, Gece Postasi and Sosyal Adalet in Istanbul, he directed as chief editor and main editorialist the most important left-wing daily Aksam (1964-66).

Engaged in the left-wing movement, Özgüden militated in the Workers' Party Of Turkey (TIP) from 1962 and elected to this party's central committee in 1964.

Born in 1940 in Ankara, Inci Tugsavul-Özgüden had her higher education at the Faculty of Law of the Ankara University. She began journalism career in 1961 at the daily Hür Vatan and the weekly Kim, later worked at the dailies Hareket (1962-63) and Aksam (1964-66).

Tugsavul was awarded with the Prize of  Journalist of the Year in 1962 by the Journalists' Trade Union of Ankara and in 1963 by the Journalists' Association of Istanbul.

Özgüden and Tugsavul founded and directed the socialist review Ant and the Ant Publishing House (1967-71). Both were accused more than 50 times of having committed "crime of opinion" in the articles that they wrote or published.  After the military coup of 1971, Ant was closed down.  Threatened by a total of more than 300-year imprisonment, they had to leave Turkey.

In Europe they organized with other opponents in exile the Democratic Resistance of Turkey after 12 March coup and the Union for Democracy in Turkey after the 12 September coup in order to mobilize European public opinion against the repressive regimes.

Since 1974, they edit in Brussels the Info-Turk Agency which informs the world opinion of the situation of human rights in Turkey (http://www.info-turk.be)


and lead the Sun Workshops (Ateliers du Soleil), a multicultural permanent education organization (http://www.ateliersdusoleil.be).

After the 1980 military coup, Özgüden and Tugsavul were respectively chairman and responsible for publication of the Union for Democracy in Turkey (DIB), founded in Europe for resisting against the military junta.

Along with more than 200 other opponents of the regime in exile, they were deprived of their Turkish nationality in 1982 because of their criticisms against the military junta. Although this decision was annulled after ten years, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has declined to give them a written guarantee that they would not be indicted or imprisoned for the accusations that the same ministry communicated earlier to the European Human Rights Commission.

On the contrary, more than 30 years after the military coup, the Turkish Justice indicted Dogan Özgüden in 2002 for insulting army chiefs because of his article criticizing putschist generals. The tribunal ordered his arrest at the checkpoint if he returns to Turkey in order to judge him. The trial restarted later on according to Article 301 of the new Turkish Penal Code has been suspended unti to his arrestation in the case of returning to Turkey.

One of the former leading members of the Journalists' Association of Turkey (TGC), the Journalists' Trade Union (TGS) and the Ethical Council of the Press (BSD) in Turkey, Dogan Özgüden is now a member the Journalists' Association of Turkey (TGC), the Association of Professional Journalists of Belgium (AGJPB) and the Brussels Center of Intercultural Actions (CBAI).
He is author of many books and studies, mainly On Fascism (1965, Istanbul), On Capitalism (1966, Istanbul), File on Turkey (1972, France), Turkey, Fascism and Resistance  (1973, The Netherlands; 2006, Belgium), Mass media and Turkish Migrants (1983), The Portrait of Turkish Migration (1984), Black Book on the Militarist "Democracy" in Turkey (1986 - 2010), Extreme Right in Turkey (1988), Stateless Journalist I (2010), Stateless Journalist II (2011),
Writings from exile, Volumes I et II (2019), Volume III (2020), Volume IV (2021), Volume V (2022), Volume VI (2023).

Former member of the Journalists' Association of Turkey (TGC) and the Journalists' Trade Union (TGS ), Inci Tugsavul-Özgüden is now member of the International Press Association (API) in Brussels. She is the author of the Introduction to the Classical Music (1965, Istanbul) and Turkish Women (1991, Brussels).

Reactions by Journalists' Associations
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Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul interviewed by TV Brussel in 1994

Doğan Özgüden's Memories

Presentation of the books
Echos on the books

On İnci Tugsavul and her contribution
Aykırı Kadınlar
(Contesting Women)

Hüseyin Aykol

Yakın Doğu'da Kadın
(Women in the Near East)
Ergün Sönmez

With Tugsavul's preface

 Özgüden's Declaration
at the 60th anniversary
of his journalism


Murat BELGE:
A fighter's Memories


Reportage at IMC TV


(Click the cover)

Interview with Doğan Özgüden'



Songül Aydın

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(click on the image)
Extraits du premier volume des mémoires d'Özgüden,
"Vatansiz" Gazeteci (Journaliste apatride),

traduits et présentés  par Mehmet Köksal
Septembre-Octobre 2011


The Ayse Zarakolu Freedom of Thought Prize
attributed to Info-Türk editors

The Istanbul Section of the Human Rights Association of Turkey (IHD) has decided to attribute the Ayse Zarakolu Prize for Freedom of Thought (2006) to Info-Turk editors Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul along with three other human rights defenders, Zülküf Kisanak, Seferi Yilmaz and Emin Karaca. The prize award ceremony will take place in Istanbul on March 8, 2006, on the occasion of the International Women Day.

Since Özgüden and Tugsavul cannot enter their country because of legal proceedings, publisher and human rights defender Ragip Zarakolu came to Brussels on February 24, 2006, and announced the IHD's decision at the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) General Meeting held at the International Press Center. Later on, he presented Özgüden and Tugsavul the prize.

Thanks to Dogan Özgüden by
the Journalists' Association of Turkey

The Administrative Board of the Journalists' Association of Turkey (TGC), met on November 4, 2007, unanimously decided to present to Journalist Dogan Özgüden a letter of thanks within the frame of the Burhan Felek Prize, because of his "distinguished services made to the Turkish press for over 50 years." The decision was transmitted to Özgüden, who cannot enter his country because of a number of prosecutions for his opinions, by a letter signed by Orhan Erinç and Celal Toprak, respectively Chairman and Secretary General of the Journalists' Association of Turkey. The Turkish Justice indicted Dogan Özgüden in 2002 for insulting army chiefs because of his article criticizing putschist generals. The tribunal ordered his arrest at the checkpoint if he returns to Turkey in order to judge him. The trial that restarted later on according to Article 301 of the new Turkish Penal Code has been suspended unti his arrestation in the case of returning to Turkey.

The Journalists' Association of Turkey (TGC) celebrated its 72th anniversary on June 27, 2018, in Istanbul. During the ceremony, 47 journalists born in 1936 and 1937 were honored as master journalists with a special plate. Journalist Dogan Özgüden, chief editor of Info-Turk who is in exile sent a message of thanks to the TGC direction.
The prize of "Thought and Expression Freedom" to
Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul

The 2015 edition of the Freedom of Thought and Expression Awards ceremony was held on June 10, 2015,  at Pera Palace in Istanbul. At the ceremony, organized by the Publisjersù Union of Turkey (TYB) with the contribution of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, attended several personalities of the cultural and artistic life of the country.

Among the award-winning publishers were Doğan Özgüden and İnci Tuğsavul, founders of the magazine and the publishing house Ant. They are in exile since 1971 because of their publishing activities pursued in Turkey. Due to this absence, the prize of Özgüden and Tugsavul was awarded to their comrades Fahri Aral and Faruk Pekin. Then, a joint message of Özgüden and Tuğsavul pre-recorded was projected on the big screen.

The conference-debate about the book “Stateless” Journalist by Dogan Özgüden took place on February 27, 2014
in the premises of the Assyrian Institute of Belgium with the participation of more than three hundred guests.
After the interventions, the evening took place in an atmosphere of friendship and solidarity
with songs and dances representing the cultural richness of Anatolia.
On this occasion, the leaders of the organizing associations, Nahro-Beth Kinne, Derwich Ferho, Bogos Ökmen,
Zeynep Görgü and Iuccia Saponara awarded Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul the "Citizens of Humanity" Prize.


Info-Türk editor Doğan Özgüden was honored by EAFJD

On May 31, 2016, the European Armenian Federation for Justice & Democracy (EAFJD) honored Info-Türk chief editor Dogan Özgüden for "his lifelong fight for Human Rights, Democracy, Justice and Truth".

Same day EAFJD
organized a panel at European Parliament in Brussels on "Armenian Genocide: Recognition&Restoration of Cultural Heritage",  with the participation of:
Geoffrey ROBERTSON, QC, Human Rights barrister,
Ove BRING, Professor in International Relations,
Cem SOFUOGLU, Turkish Human Rights lawyer,
Guillaume PERRIER, journalist,
Doğan ÖZGÜDEN, journalist, human rights activist
Hosted by MEP Charles TANNOCK, the meeting was moderated by Hagop DER KHATCHADOURIAN, International coordinator of Armenian National Committees.

During the panel, EAFJD Chairman Kaspar Karampetian presented to Özgüden the certificate honoring him.


Özgüden and Tugsavul welcomed to
the Museum of Crimes of Thought

The online Museum of Crimes of Thought in Istanbul has announced that two editors of Info-Turk in exile for 45 years, Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul, were already welcomed in its section "Exile":



... images from 1953 up to 2020

sabah postasi

1953: Özgüden (2nd from left) with the editorial board and technical team
of the only opposition daily of Izmir, Sabah Postasi

avec Cihat Arman

1954: Özgüden's first interview, with the captain of the Turkish national football team, Cihat Arman


  1954: Özgüden, one of the leading members of the Joiurnalists' Union of Izmir (first rank, second at left)


1954: Özgüden with Ismet Inönü, the 2nd President of Republic of Turkey and
the main opposition leader at the time


1955: Özgüden at the Convention of the Journalists' Association of Izmir


1957: Özgüden during his military service at the Reserved Officers Training Center in Mamak-Ankara


November 1958: Özgüden during the visit of a group of Turkish journalists to the NATO Headquarters in Paris.With Chief Commander General  Lauris Norstad are also  journalists Abdi Ipekçi, Cetin Altan, Ilhami Soysal, Mücahit Beser and Naim Tirali


1959: Özgüden, representing the daily Milliyet (third from left),
at the press conference of Bülent Ecevit (second from right) , futur prime ministrer after 1973


1959: During a press conference in Izmir by the commanders of the NATO's
 6th Tactical Air Forces (SIXATAF), General Suarez and General Irfan Tansel,


April 1960:  Dogan Özgüden, Ilhan Esen and Nejat Türkeri, representatives of the dailies Milliyet, Hürriyet and Aksam, wxith US Ambassador Warren after his press conference in Izmir.


1960: Özgüden, representing the daily Milliyet, with General Cemal Gürsel, before
his departure from Izmir for taking over the post of head of the State on May 27.


1960: Milliyet representative Özgüden with Cemal Süreya, poet and Finance Ministry's inspector,
during a legal investigation at the farm of former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes in Aydin.


1961: Özgüden at the press conference of General Sevket Ozan,
first secretary general of the National Security Council (MGK)

1960: Inci Tugsavul's guitar recital in Ankara

suna korad

1961: Tugsavul, correspondent of the daily Hür Vatan, interviews
Soprano Suna Korad of the Turkish State Opera


1962: Tugsavul with the doyen of the Turkish press, Ahmet Emin Yalman,
and Deputy Turan Günes, futur foreign affairs minister


1963: Tugsavul, correspondent of the daily Hareket, at the press conference of Colonel Talat Aydemir,
leader of the rebelling officers, just before their attempt of coup

1963: Tugsavul, after having been awarded with the Prize of Journalist of the Year by the Journalists' Association of Istanbul (IGC), with IGC Chairman Burhan Felek, Interior Minister Hifzi Oguz Bekata, Istanbul Governor Niyazi Aki, Chief Editor of Milliyet Abdi Ipekçi and other awarder journalists


1964: Tugsavul with President of the Republic Cemal Gürsel at the Presidential Palace


1964: Tugsavul with Duetch Professor Jan Tinbergen,
advisor of the State Planning Organization (DPT).


1964: Özgüden's latest photo in İzmir with his father Kadri,
his mother Müveddet and his sister

1964: Özgüden, delegate of the Journalists' Union of Istanbul,
  addressing to a meeting of the delegates of all sectors' trade unions in Istanbul


After the meeting, Özgüden with trade union leaders and delegates

inci-yul brynner

1964: Tugsavul interviews cinema actor Yul Brynner in Ankara


1964: Özgüden, chief editor of Aksam,  the most important left-wing daily of Turkey


January 1, 1965: Özgüden with Prof. Muammer Aksoy at a conference-debate against
the exploitation of foreign oil companies in Turkey, organized by university youth


March 13, 1965: Aksam on the Kozlu Miners' Resistance;
layout by Inci Tugsavul

March 16, 1965:
A conference-debate chaired by Dogan Özgüden at TMTF
about the foreign interference on Turkish media...
Speakers: Sabahattin Selek, Metin Toker, İlhan Selçuk et Çetin Altan


1965: Özgüden at a conference organized
by university youth against the political power


1965: Özgüden addressing to conference-debate on the workers' resistance,
together with three other left-wing journalists, 

Cetin Altan, Ilhan Selcuk, Ayperi Akalan and movie director Beklan Algan


1966: Özgüden and Tugsavul, editors of the daily Aksam,
with their colleagues Rahmi Turan and Islam Cupi, sport editors of the same daily.

1967: Özgüden, chief editor of the socialist weekly Ant, at the military court of the 1st Turkish Army in Istanbul,
with Inci Tugsavul and journalist Hüseyin Bas. He is accused by the Chief of General Staff
of unveling the plans to install nuclear mines in Eastern Turkey
(Photo: Günes Karabuda)


1968: Özgüden and Tugsavul with their friend Barbro Karabuda, reporter of Swedish televisions
(Photo: Günes Karabuda)


1968: Özgüden talking with the US trade union leader
Walter Reuther during his visit to Istanbul


1968: Özgüden and Tugsavul preparing the socialist weekly Ant
(Photo: Günes Karabuda)

ozguden-tugsavul au congrès du TIP

1968: Özgüden and Tugsavul at the Istanbul Convention of the Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP)


1970: Özgüden with Ragip Zarakolu (at right) during preparations of the review Ant
1971: Özgüden at the first year of his exile in Sweden
(Photo: Günes Karabuda)


1973: Özgüden in Paris with one of the oldest political migrants from Turkey:
Professor Fahrettin Petek

1974: Özgüden and Tugsavul at the first editorial office of
 Info-Türk at Chaussée de Ninove in Anderlecht

Manifestation du 1er mai 1975

1975: Özgüden and Tugsavul at the May Day Demonstration in Brussels with migrant workers from Turkey

Nazim Hikmet

1976: Özgüden addressing to the evening for hommage to Nazim Hikmet, great Turkish poet died in exile

1977: Tugsavul preparing at Info-Türk's graphic workshop resistance  posters and flyers against the Ankara regime


1977: A press conference at the IPC concerning the coming elections in Turkey


1980: Özgüden at a protest demonstration in font of the
Turkish Embassy in Brussels with other opponents of the Ankara regime


1981: Özgüden and Tugsavul welcome at their home Behice Boran, chairwoman of the   Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP),  exiled in Belgium after the September 12th, 1980 Coup in Turkey

1981: Özgüden, president of the Union for Democracy in Turkey (DIB), addressing to the evening in protest
against the military junta, organized at the Ancienne Belgique Hall in Brussels

Soirée kurde de Tekoser - 1982

1981: Özgüden addressing the Kurdish evening organized by Tekoser

drapeau rouge

1982: Özgüden and Tugsavul at the anti-fascist stand of
the resistants from Turkey during the Red Flag Festival in Brussels

1982: Tugsavul with immigrant children at the anti-racist demonstration in Brussels


 1983: Özgüden with Piet Dankert, Speaker of the European Parliament, at the Cartoons Exhibition
organized by Info-Türk at the International Press Center in Brussels


1983: Özgüden,at the same exhibition, with Member of European Parliament Ernest Glinne
and Secretary General of the World Labour Confederation (CMT)  Jan Kulakowski


1984: Inci Tugsavul and Iuccia Saponara with women at the Sun Workshops


1984. Fahrettin Petek and Gaye Petek in Brussels to celebrate the new year with the family Özgüden


Masis Kürkçügil, one of the 68 leaders and ODP founders with Ozguden in Brussels just before his return from exile

1986: Secretary General of the Sun Workshops

October 6, 1986: Participants of a debate
on Roger Hanin's film "Hell Train" at the RTBF TV



1987: Dogan özgüden, who participated at a conference in Holland organized
on the social history of Turkey by the International Institutute of Social History,
together with
Murat Belge and Oya Baydar.


1993: Özgüden and Tugsavul with Julos Beaucarne
at the vernissage of the exhibition of Sun Workshops

fureur de lire

1996: Özgüden training Sun Workshops members on editing a book


1997: Özgüden with Prime Minister of Brussels Charles Picqué and Chairman of
Lire et Ecrire Alain Leduc  during the celebration of Alphabetisation Day

Journée alpha

1998: Özgüden with Prime Minister of Brussels Charles Picqué, MinisterEric Tomas,
Chairman of Lire et Ecrire Alain Leduc  during the opening of
the Alphabetisation Day celebrated at the Sun Workshops


1999: Tugsavul and Özgüden at the vernissage of the 25th Anniversary Exhibition
of the Sun Workshops, opened by Schaerbeek Mayor Francis Duriau


Tugsavul and Özgüden with Martine Payfa, Speaker
of the COCOF Assembly of Brussels Region, during her visit to the Sun Workshops


2001: Özgüden with Derwich Ferho, Chairman of the Brussels Kurdish Institute,
 during a conference on the Kurdish Question at the European Parliament in Brussels


2003: Opening, at the Sun Workshops, of the campaign "Peace, it startas among us",
organized in partnership with
Collectif Alpha and the Center for Chances Equality


2004:  Özgüden with state Secretary Hutchinson and Lire et Ecrire Chairman Alain Leduc
at the stand of Sun Workshops at the occasion of "Alpha Spring"

2005: Özgüden at a debate in European Parliament on the situation of democratisation in Turkey

2006: Özgüden and Tugsavul with Vedat Türkali, dean of Turkish novelists and playwriters,
during his visit to their home in Brussels

Un documentaire sur Behice Boran


2006:Özgüden and Tugsavul at the press conference organized at the Parliamentarians' House
in Brussels in the occasion 
of the 35th anniversary of the 1971 military coup in Turkey


2006: Özgüden at the Colloqium on the effects of the repressive regimes on the political emigration
to European Countries, organized at the Brussels City Municipal Palace


2006: Özgüden at the press conference organized by the Human Rights League of Belgium
against  repressive practices at F-type prisons in Turkey

2007: Özgüden speaking at a protest meeting organized in front of European institutions
 after Armenian Journalist Hrant Dink's'assassination in Istanbul


2007: Özgüden at the conference of March 28 in Lyon  on the theme of "Resisting by Memory",
with Writer Benjamin Orenstein, survivor of Auschwitz


2007: The conference of May 16 on the theme of "Militarism and Freedom of Expression"
with the participation of Journalists Erol Özkoray, Dogan Özgüden et Ragip Zarakolu


2007:  During the annual feast of the Sun Workshops (Ateliers du Soleil) on June 29 in Brussels, Özgüden greeting  Abdullah Demirbas, Mayor of Sur Municipality (Diyarbakir), pursued for having rendered service to citizens
in Turkish as well as Kurdish, Armenian and Aramean languages


2007:  During the annual feast of the Sun Workshops (Ateliers du Soleil) on June 29 in Brussels,
Özgüden with Senator Josy Dubié


March 3, 2008: Özgüden and Tugsavul with Journalist Cengiz Candar during
 an international conference on the Kurdish Question at the Eorpean Parliament in Brussels


March 12, 2008: During the ceremony of giving Info-Türk Prize to Bahar Kimyongür,
with Jury President Anne Morelli and Senator Josy Dubié


Özgüden and Morelli during the ceremony of prize


Özgüden and Mateo Alaluf


Tugsavul and Alaluf


Özgüden with Roj TV journalists


March 21, 2008: Özgüden with Kongra-Gel Chairman and former Kurdish deputy Zübeyir Aydar during
 a Newroz Reception at the seat of the Kurdish National Congress (KNK) in Brussels


Özgüden at the inauguration congress of the European Council of Peace held on April 28, 2008, à Düsseldorf


After having been awarded by the International Publishers' Union, on September 23, 2008,
Ragip Zarakolu with Özgüden in Brussels


Selahattin Demirbas and Dogan Özgüden during a conference on EU-Turkey relation
held on October 2, 2008, at Belgian Parliament.


Özgüden gives an interview to La Libre Belgique after having been taken under protection in Belgium on December 12, 2008, after having be subjected to menaces for his criticisms againt Turkish Embassy


Özgüden and Tugsavul at the commemoration
of Armenian Genocide on April 24, 2009 in Lyon

(Photos: Pascal Muradian)


Özgüden at the colloquy on the resolution of the Kurdish question held in Paris on April 30, 2009


October 3, 2009: Dogan Özgüden receives the medal that the Assyrian Community
gave him and Inci Tugsavul for their democrat stand.


April 14, 2010: In Paris, Dogan Özgüden speaks at the colloquy on Turco-Armenian Relations

April 25, 2010:  Conference in Brussels on the Genocide of Assyro-Chaldeans


December 11, 2010 in Brussels:
Jean Sirapian, Ragip Zarakolu and Özgüden
at the conference on the subject "Is Turkey really demilitarised?"


December 18, 2010 in Köln: Özgüden, Tüday's representative Oktay Duman and lawyer Yücel Sayman
at the conference on the subject  "Call to Try Putschists"


February 6, 2011: Özgüden at an evening organized in Brussels by his Kurdish journalist friends on the occasion of the publication of  his memories "Stateless Journalist" and the 40'the year of his political exile.
Photo: Dursun Aydemir - Librenews

February 6, 2011: At the same evening with  writer Medeni Ferho and filmmaker Berivan Binevsa


February 14,
2011: Özgüden and Tugsavul, founders of the Sun Workshops (Ateliers du Soleil),
with Minister-President of the Brussels Region  Charles Picqué during his press conference
about social cohesion projects, held at the seat of their association.
Photo: Dursun Aydemir - Librenews

hrant 2012


Özgüden talks to Hrant Dink on January 19, 2012, at the commemoration of his assassination
 in front of the monument du Genocide of Armenians in Brussels
Photo: Dursun Aydemir - Librenews


Özgüden and Tuğsavul, at the conference on the Dersim Massacre held on June 7, 2012,
at the European Parliament in Brussels
Photo: Dursun Aydemir - Librenews

Özgüden speaks at the Exiles Platform conference met on December 15, 2012 in Köln

prix zarakolu

Özgüden with Ragip Zarakolu at the Info-Türk's 2012 Freedom of Expression Prize
meeting in Brussels on December 19, 2012

After his press conference at the European Journalists' Federation in Brussels
on December 19, 2012 with Özgüden, Tugsavul and Lawyer Enis Coskun

Prof. Gencay Gürsoy and Prof. Fatma Gök with Özgüden and Tugsavul
on January 15, 2013 at the Sun Workshops (Ateliers du Soleil) in Brussels



January 24, 2013: Doğan Özgüden talks during the ceremony marking the transfert of his collections
to the International Institute of Social History (IISG) in Amsterdam. (See the details)


February 7, 2013, in Istanbul: The wall devoted to Inci Tugsavul Özgüden at the exhibition opened on
the occasion of the 30the anniversary of Iletisim Publishing House and the publication of the book
Afişe Çıkmak.
(Click here for the pages devoted to Tugsavul)


March 10, 2013 at the Union of the Workers of Turkey in Holland (HTIB), Amsterdam:
 Dogan Özgüden's conference after the opening of the exhibition on the 1971 Coup and
 the screening of the documentary on the same subject, produced by the Info-Turk Foundation


May 19, 2013, Dogan Özgüden at the meeting of the Preparatory
Committee of the European Conference for Peace and Democracy in Brussels


June 28, 2013, Dogan Özgüden at the Sterk TV program on
the European Conference for Peace and Democracy to meet next day in Brussels

Dogan Özgüden at the funeral service for Ugur Hüküm held at Père Lachaise in Paris on July 11, 2013


Özgüden talks at the conference on Kurds of Syria held at the Belgian Senate on Novembre 22, 2013

Conference on Dogan Özgüden's book "Stateless" Journalist was held in Brussels on February 27, 2014,
with the participation of more than 300 invited. After the conference the evening went on in a friendship and solidarity
atmosphere animated by songs and dances representing the cultural richness of Anatolia.

On this occasion, the representatives of organizer associations from Anatolian diasporas,
Nahro-Beth Kinne, Derwich Ferho, Bogos Ökmen, Zeynep Görgü and Iuccia Saponara awarded
Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul with the Prize of "Citizen of the Humanity".

March 25, 2014: Visit to the Sun Workshops by Rakel Dink and her brother Mihail

June 27, 2014, two founders and honorary presidents, Dogan Özgüden and Inci Tugsavul, at
the 40th year celebration of the Sun Workshops (Ateliers du Soleil) with President Iuccia Saponara

The prize of "Thought and Expression Freedom" was received by their friends
Faruk Pekin and Fahri Aral in the name of Özgüden and Tugsavul

The president of the Turkish Publishers' Association, Metin Celal Zeynioglu,
and Coordinator for Foreign Relations, Yonca Cingöz,
visited Özgüden and Tugsavul on September 22, 2015, at their house in Brussels

Mednuce, 25 April 2016 - Erdal Er

Mednuce, 5 August 2016 - At the pfrogramme of Maxime Azadi

Septembre 21, 2016: At the International Civil Journalism Festival in Naples

March 10, 2017: Visit of Taner Akçam to İnfo-Türk

Octobre 5, 2017: Medya Haber TV - Reportage on the review Ant

Novembre 11, 2017: Medya Haber TV

Apfril 20, 2018 Medya Haber TV: With Koray Düzgören and Ragıp Zarakolu

April 24, 2018: Commemoration in Bruxelles of the 1915 Genocide

June 11, 2018, Medya Haber TV: With Erdal Er and Ertuğrul Kürkçü

June 23, 2018 - Exposition by sculptor Suat Öğüt in Amsterdam on political exiles coming from Turkey

August 4, 2018 - Medya Haber TV': With Koray Düzgören and Engin Erkiner

May 1, 2019 - Can TV: With Şanar Yurdatapan on May Day

Özgüden and Tuğsavul with the children of Sun Workshops, 22 May 2019

June 15,  2019 - Medya TV: With Koray Düzgören on the S-400 crisis

August 10,  2019 - Can TV: With Şanar Yurdatapan on the Syrian Crisis

Özgüden and Tugsavul on the "Truth tellers" List of WikiLeaks

Özgüden speaks on the rise of Turkish racism in Europe

Özgüden addresses to the European Assembly of Exiles on 3 December 2019 at Nürnberg in Germany

International Conference in Brussels on the human rights violations
in Turkey, 27 January 2020 at  Press Club Brussels Europe

Interview with Özgüden Entretien on the communautarism in Belgium
La Libre Belgique, 22 January 2020

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